Behind the Seams with summer intern Stephanie Flint

Hi! I'm Stephanie, a senior at Butler University and the Human Resources intern in the Fort Wayne office. As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed collecting Vera Bradley, and I am extremely excited about this summer. Check back to follow what's happening behind the seams at Vera Bradley!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Back-to-School Wish List

Since my first day at Vera Bradley, I have been forming a mental Wish List with all the things I would like before I go back to Butler in the fall. Quite a few items have been added to this list in my frequent trips to our Signature store at Jefferson Pointe, and since the new items for Fall 2011 were released. Right now, however, it’s pretty solid. Care to take a peek?

  1. Umbrella in Happy Snails- I can't wait to walk around campus on rainy days with this cheery print, and splash in puddles with matching red rain boots (that I have yet to purchase).

  2. 2012 Agenda in Plum Petals– This will be my third Vera Bradley planner, and I can’t wait to start mapping out my schedule in it!

  3. Saddle Up in Twirly Birds Navy - I love crossbody bags, and this one is just big enough to carry my Agenda, water bottle and anything else with me as I’m running around campus. I chose Twirly Birds Navy so I can show off my Bulldog pride at every football and basketball game with my Vera Bradley!

  4. Under Cover Laptop Skin in Happy Snails– As if I don’t have enough Vera Bradley already, I obviously need to wrap my laptop in it. Hey, technology can be cute, too!

  5. Laptop Sleeve in Twirly Birds Navy – I have been hoping for one of these for months to match my main school bags, which are Happy Snails and Blue Rhapsody, respectfully.

  6. Zip ID Case in … – Each year I get a new ID case when I start school (it is my tradition), and this year I can’t decide which color I want. My instinct is Happy Snails, but part of me wants to branch out and get it in Safari Sunset. Oh the dilemma!

  7. Ribbon Board in Lemon Parfait – Almost everyone at Vera Bradley has a ribbon board at their desk, and I think that it would look great in Lemon Parfait in my room at school, or at my desk until my internship is over!

What is on your back-to-school Wish List? We would love to hear about what you’re taking to campus! (I might even have to borrow your ideas.)


  1. What a great list! you need to print this out and give it to everyone you know!

  2. My list is
    1. The hipster, zip around wallet, and pencil case in deco daisy(to match the tote I received at the end of the last school year!)
    2. The villager, zip around wallet, cosmetic case, and student agenda in mocha rouge, with umbrella if possible
    3. Alice, zip around wallet, and tech case in night and day
    It will probably take forever to get that but I would like it before school starts! : )
    I love wishing!

  3. My wish list:
    1. Backpack in Folkloric <3 --I love the folkloric pattern & love the style of this cute little backpack!
    2. Alice in Folkloric <3 --I really like the kiss-lock & have a friend who has this, and I constantly want to carry it for her because it's so cute!!
    3. XL Duffel in Mocha Rouge <3 --This bag would make my tournament traveling during the school year so much more fun!
    4. Medium Cosmetic in Watercolor --This would be perfect to just throw in with the Duffel or in a backpack when I'm on the go.
    5. 2012 Agenda Planner in Plum Petals <3 --I love planning and can't get over how stinkin' cute this thing is! if only I had the money for it all right now. :)